History of Linux Mint

History of Linux Mint - First released in 2006 with a version of Linux Mint circulating 1.0 "There" This version is still in beta stage. This first release distributions received less attention, perhaps because this version is still beta and never released in a more stable version that is less well known distributions. With the emergence of Linux Mint 2.0 "Barbara" every few months later, Linux Mint started gaining attention within the Linux community. With the separate community for users of Linux Mint distro released several versions may be a success in the range 2006-2008. Since emunculan "Barbara" 5 versions of Linux Mint has released version 2.1 include "Bea", 2.2 "Bianca", 3.0 "Cassandra", 3.1 "and 4.0 Celena" Daryna ".

Version 2.0 "Barbara" is a derivative of Ubuntu 6:10, using repositoris package of Ubuntu Linux Mint build Codebasenya own. Start version 2.0 of the Linux Mint uses Codebasenya own, each version being released constantly using previous versions of Linux Mint itself. But for repositories can use the latest version of Ubuntu. Actually this distribution system is not really branched, basic manufacture of these two systems (Linux Mint and Ubuntu) is almost identical and it is definitely one of the applications that use the system matches the system that one.

In 2008 when it will release version 5.0 "Elyssa" Linux Mint adopt Ubuntu release cycle. And In the same year, to improve the match between the two systems, Linux Mint no longer use Codebasenya again. Since version 6.0 "Felicia" Linux Mint no longer built using previous Codebase (version 5.0 "Elyssa) but built following the codebase of the latest version of Ubuntu. So every time Ubuntu released the newest version, Codebasenya used to build the Linux Mint for the next version too. Hmm could approximated approximately one month after the release of Ubuntu Linux Mint definitely will release a new version.

 2010 Linux Mint Debian released version, unlike other versions that use Ubuntu as a base. This version using Debian as a base Codebasenya. So for release and is not bound by the Ubuntu paketnyapun altogether. This does not mean the Ubuntu version of Linux Mint is no longer released, still released but increased by one more version. Which is based on Debian. Until now has reached version of Linux Mint 16 "Petra" for versions of Ubuntu and LMDE 201 403 for Debian version (LMDE).